Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Steven K Struck MD

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

Patients who would benefit from an abdominoplasty have either loss tummy skin, stretch marks of the abdomen following weight loss or child birth, scars of the abdomen that are between the belly button and pubic hair, or poor muscle tone from having children resulting a “pouch” or distended tummy. As we age everyone experiences some of these problems especially after weight loss or child birth. The extent of a tummy tuck can range from a mini tummy tuck in patients who just need a small amount of skin removed and some muscle tightening to an extended tummy tuck where all of the skin and fat from an area an inch above the belly button to the pubic hair is removed in the shape of a football. The tissue removed weights between 3 pounds to 25 pounds in an extended tummy tuck. Additionally, the skin removed can remove stretch marks and scars found on this football shaped piece of skin removed between the belly button and pubic region (see illustration below). For both the surgeon and patient, an abdominoplasty is a very rewarding surgery because of the magnitude of change that is achieved by this procedure. Patients love to see their waist line shrink, skin tighten and stretch marks removed.
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